The Truth Behind the Chew

“Take a pinch instead of a puff”. Does that saying sound familiar???

Smokeless tobacco products like chew, dip, snuff, and snus, are not safer than traditional cigarettes. In fact, these products have up to 7x the amount of nicotine compared to cigarettes. This means smokeless tobacco can be as addicting, if not more addicting than cigarettes. Some well-known effects of chewing or dipping are oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and tooth/gum loss.

Did you know heart attack, stroke, pancreatic cancer, and bladder cancer are side effects too?

Most people don’t! That is why Tobacco Free Florida is observing Through With Chew Week from February 16 to 22. In Hillsborough County, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Hillsborough County will be educating Plant City residents about the benefits of avoiding smokeless tobacco on February 21. Many rural areas like Plant City can benefit from this type of activity due to a higher rate of smokeless tobacco use, in comparison to urban settings.*

Are you a current user and interested in beginning your journey to a tobacco-free life? There is free help out there!

  • Call the Florida Quitline at 1-877-U-CAN-NOW to speak with a Quit Coach who will help assess a user’s addiction and help create a personalized quit plan.
  • Enroll in the Web Coach®, which will help to create a web-based quit plan unique to each individual user, visit
  • Sign up for tobacco cessation group classes at your local Area Health Education Center (AHEC) by calling (813) 929-1009 or by visiting
  • Interested in setting up a personalized tobacco cessation class at your work site, community-based organization, or faith-based organization? Please contact us at for more information.




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